Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

reasons to quit drinking alcoholI’ve written before on How to Quit Drinking Alcohol, and one of the more important steps in overcoming an alcohol addiction is to understand the many benefits you will receive by living a healthier lifestyle.

A great way to do this is to make a list of these benefits, and refer to it often to reinforce your commitment to removing alcohol from your life. Here are a few good reasons to stop drinking to get you started down the road to a healthier lifestyle:

Health Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol: Your blood pressure will be closer to normal; your heart will beat at a slower and healthier rate; your liver will begin to heal; your eyes will be less red and your skin less blotchy; you will be a healthy weight and eat delicious meals; you will sleep more soundly and awaken more refreshed; you will have more energy; you will look more youthful and recover your enthusiasm for life; you will feel more inclined to exercise, and take part in healthy activities.

Mental Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol: Your brain will heal; you will become more mentally alert; your memory will improve; your resolve strengthened; your self-esteem will rise; you will feel free from addictions that have kept you down in the past; you will be fully aware of your surroundings.

Financial Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol: You will no longer waste money on alcohol; money saved can be used for more important, practical or enjoyable things; you will be more aware of your financial situation; you will be able to work harder and/or smarter since you now have the energy to do so; you can help out those in financial need; you can get out of debt, or put the money you save toward the purchase of a home or new car.

Spiritual Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol: Your mind and body will be in tune; you will be more giving toward others since you are less focused on your own wants; increased awareness of your spiritual side will benefit other areas of your life; you will appreciate the gift of health; nothing artificial will block your vision of your true self; you will be more aware of, and thankful for, your many blessings.

Relationship Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol: You will want to spend quality time with your spouse, children and friends; your sex life will improve; you will be more at peace with others as the silly arguments of the past seem to no longer occur. You will feel closer and more loved by your family.

You may have dozens of other reasons to quit drinking alcohol – and all of them are good. Remember, the more reasons you have for doing something, the more likely it is that you will do it. And by focusing on these positive reasons, you empower yourself to take action to change your life for the better. ♦