Are You Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville?

MIND: Alcohol eats away at your mental capacity over time, and causes severe cognitive degeneration. Studies have shown that the brains of alcoholics weigh substantially less than the brains of those who don’t drink, or drink very little. The good news is that your brain can begin to heal, and recover a substantial amount of cognitive ability as soon as you remove alcohol from your life.

BODY: Alcohol abuse causes your body to waste away from the inside out. There isn’t one organ in your body that benefits from alcohol, or that wouldn’t be better off WITHOUT it. Listen to your body: do you FEEL healthy on the inside? Compare how you feel when you drink as opposed to when you abstain for a few days. Which FEELS better?

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS: There is probably no more of a destructive habit to a healthy family than alcoholism. When a spouse has a drinking problem the ill-effects are felt in every area of the marriage, including the children, in-laws and friends. So often a sad story will start with the phrase “my dad was an alcoholic.”

SPIRITUALITY: Nothing else can blur the connection between you and your Creator quite like alcohol. It is the most insidious of drugs, for it dulls your spiritual side very slowly, over years and years. It takes being sober for several weeks before that blur finally begins to dissipate. Why put up barriers between you and your Creator?

Stop Wasting Away in Margaritaville

The bottom line is that even though you are wasting much of your life NOW, you can IMMEDIATELY begin to change for the better as soon as you stop drinking, or reduce your drinking to a bare minimum. Please take action NOW to get your life back under control. No matter how small of a step you take, it is imperative that you actually take that first step. Don’t let alcohol keep you from being the best person you can be. Isn’t it time that you CHANGE for the better, and let go of that which has kept you down? ♦