How I Quit Drinking Alcohol

The Fifth Step: I was continually thankful for the many blessings in my life. Not in a general way, but very specifically I thanked God for what I ALREADY had. Each evening I thanked God for my life, for being healthy, for my girlfriend, for living in the greatest country on earth, and for many other things. By doing this I constantly focused my energy on the good things around me, and by doing so I helped attract other good things into my life. Like attracts like!

FIFTH STEP SUMMARY: Above all, be truly grateful for the many blessings in your life. There are so many things, both big and little, that you could be thankful for if you would take a few moments and think about them. Whether it’s your family or friends, or the country you were born in or where you’re living at now, or the physical or intellectual skills you have, or your ability to see or hear or talk, or the many freedoms you enjoy. There is so much that YOU have that a lot of other people DON’T. Cherish these blessings, and focus on them often to realize how lucky YOU are to have been given these gifts. When we are truly thankful for what we ALREADY have is when we open ourselves up to even more of life’s blessings.

Summed Up – Here Are the 5 Things You Should Start Doing:

  • Remember the bad stuff that happened to you involving alcohol. And when I say “remember”, I mean to really FOCUS ON and RE-LIVE all the bad times you had. Get angry at alcohol for what IT DID TO YOU!
  • Mentally visualize negative images and descriptions about alcohol. The more vile and disgusting the better! ATTACH that negative image (or sound or smell) to the thought of alcohol. SUPER GLUE IT TOGETHER!
  • Focus on the improvements and how your life is getting better. Look for the LITTLE things. Did you lose a pound? Is your face getting clearer? Are you spending more time with the family? Are you smiling more often?
  • Act, think and talk like someone who has been sober for years. Read this until you FULLY understand it: when you “act the part” you sub-consciously begin to adapt the habits
    and thoughts required to become the type of person you wish to become.
    Got it? Good.
  • Be grateful for what you have been given by your Creator. Start focusing on what you ALREADY have in your life, and the blessings you have ALREADY been given. Be grateful so that more blessings will flow your way!

These 5 Steps Are Exactly How I Quit Drinking Alcohol

… and they are nothing more than teaching yourself some new habits around alcohol. This might sound hard to do, but remember that new habits can take hold in as little as 3 weeks. After 6 weeks the habit becomes as solid as a rock, and you no longer even have to think about it. So, I implore you to TRY this 5 step program to overcome alcohol addiction for at least 3 weeks. It truly worked wonders for me, and it can do the same for you. ♦