Quit Drinking: The Power of Your Imagination

quit drinkingHave you ever imagined what it would be like to quit drinking? You probably have, because most people have a great imagination.

They imagine getting a new job, being better looking, or meeting that special someone. Or, they dream of wining the lottery, since being rich can bring all the material things they’ve always wanted.

They also dream about being thinner, or younger, or smarter. They may wonder what their life would have been like had they done things differently in the past.

Such frivolous daydreaming is, of course, harmless – and even healthy to a degree. However, it also doesn’t fully use the incredible power of imagination that each of us has.

How to Use Your Imagination Quit Drinking

If you desire to quit or cut back on your alcohol consumption, this incredible power that resides within your mind is yet another tool to use. Your power of imagination is potent, and very simple to use. You can easily influence your own behavior just by what you think about.

Here’s one way to go about it: imagine a few pictures and words that you normally would be repulsed by, or that you find disgusting. Now, attach them to pictures and words about alcohol, something you no longer want to be attracted to. For instance, when you see or think of a glass of beer, imagine that – instead of it being a beer – it is really a glass of urine, with a million germs floating around in it. Say the word urine to yourself as you picture that glass of beer, and visualize someone urinating into that glass. Imagine it smelling like urine. Does this sound disgusting to you? Good, that’s precisely the point!

Drinking Must Become Repulsive

You must become repulsed by the idea of drinking alcohol, because that feeling will help you avoid it. And the more dirty, disgusting pictures and words that you attach to alcohol, the more repulsed you will be. The words and images don’t have to involve urine, of course. Anything that you normally find repulsive is useful.

In another example, if you drink too much wine, and you recognize that you need to cut back or quit, start saying the word “blood” to yourself when you see a glass of wine. Picture someone bleeding into that glass, and then someone else drinking it. Yes, it’s sickening, and yes, it’s disgusting. And that’s exactly what you want, and exactly why it works.

Don’t limit yourself to just a mental picture, either. If you have trouble with mental imagery, try associating sounds, or smells, or tastes, or feelings. Use whatever sense or senses you find strongest and easiest to imagine. The results will amaze you.

Your power of imagination will have suddenly made the idea of drinking alcohol seem a whole lot LESS enjoyable. Simply put, it will be easier for you to quit drinking! ♦