The Best Way to Cut Back Drinking Alcohol

Solution: Make Your Home and Work Environments “Alcohol Free Zones”

The best way to cut back drinking alcohol is to separate your social life outside in the world (where you may choose to drink alcohol) from your private life in your home (where you focus on your health, your family, etc) and your work environment (where you focus on your financial health and security).

This requires you to make your home and work “alcohol free zones” where you NEVER store alcohol for future consumption. Your home and work environments must become OFF LIMITS to alcohol. It also helps eliminate one of the two BIG mistakes that many alcoholics make. Take a moment to read Get Sober by Avoiding These 2 Mistakes, if you haven’t already.

WHY This Is the Best Way to Cut Back Drinking

We humans can be lazy to an extreme, and we often take the path of least resistance. As a wise man (or woman) once said, if making a million bucks was easy then EVERYONE would be a millionaire! And, you can say the same thing about being healthy, or a great musician, or a business leader, or anything else of value. If it’s hard to do, then we are less likely to do it. Give us an easy path, however, and 99% of the time that’s where we go.

The key here is to make it EASY to not drink, EASY to stay sober, and EASY to feel healthy. And when you stop keeping alcohol around your home and office you make it HARDER to drink and EASIER to be healthy. To put it in plain English, don’t underestimate the power of out-of-sight, out-of-mind!

There will be times you’ll be tempted to run out to the store to purchase an alcoholic beverage. But, by making it a less CONVENIENT to drink, you are thereby making it easier to spend another day clear-headed and sober. And you’ll guarantee yourself another day of waking up feeling good about yourself and your life.

So, go ahead and take the easy road. But, don’t let that easy road be filled with the debilitating effects of alcohol abuse. Instead, let the easy road be ALCOHOL FREE, and filled with healthy alternatives which inevitably lead to you having a happier, more successful, and immensely more satisfying life.

Make it EASY to be healthy and happy, and that’s exactly what will happen to you. You now know the best way to cut back drinking. It’s up to you to DO it! ♦