Beer, Hops and Estrogen

What Hops Does to Your Body

Men: the result of all this extra hops is that your body will exhibit the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman. Specifically, hops contributes to the buildup of extra fatty tissue in the chest, giving many men the appearance of breasts. It also leads to testicular atrophy. That is, your testes will shrink and harden as the estrogen in your body overwhelms the testosterone. Further, you will experience body hair loss, loss of libido, and a dramatic reduction in erections.

Women: the result of all this extra hops is that your body is now a breeding ground for a whole host of problems. Estrogen dominance in a woman includes: weight gain, mood swings, irregular periods, fatigue, memory loss and much more. Further, all the excess estrogen leads to a substantially higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

STOP Drinking Hop-Based Beer

First, if you usually drink more than two beers a day then you should seriously consider quitting. There is a LOT of evidence that 3 or more drinks per day is very bad for your body. And this doesn’t even mention the devastating impact it has on every other area of your life. Please face the truth: if you normally have 3 or more drinks in a day you are battling alcoholism.

However, if you CAN limit yourself to just a drink or two, you should immediately look into Gruit beers, which use centuries-old recipes without hops.

Gruit beers aren’t always easy to find, and most stores do not carry them, but they are much healthier for your body than the hop-beers so commonly seen today.

But, if you can’t find Gruit beers then do yourself a big favor: stop drinking beer today. Stop allowing all of this extra estrogen to wreak havoc on your body. In other words, it’s time to get sober and treat your body as the temple it is. ♦