Alcoholism Quiz

6. Your family or significant other is pressuring you to quit or cut back on drinking alcohol. Do you …

A. Take their advice because they are more important than alcohol?
B. Cut back a little bit right away, and plan to cut back more in the future?
C. Try to cut back, but can’t because you find it very difficult?
D. Drink as much as you ever did, but try to keep it hidden?
E. Ignore them because you enjoy getting drunk?

7. Your spouse’s parents will be staying with you for a couple of weeks. They do not drink and your spouse wants you to avoid drinking around them. Do you …

A. Completely avoid drinking while they are there because alcohol doesn’t mean anything to you?
B. Cut back drastically while they are around?
C. Continue to drink, but do so in secret so no one notices?
D. Drink in front of them so they learn to be more accepting of your habits?
E. Continue to drink as much as ever because it’s your life, not theirs?

8. Your friend was nearly in a car accident, and received a DUI citation. Do you …

A. Vow to never drink alcohol before driving?
B. Change your habits so you don’t get caught up in the same thing?
C. Thank God that it wasn’t you because you often drive while intoxicated?
D. Be more aware of the police when you drive so they don’t catch you?
E. Laugh about it when you see him?

9. You haven’t drank alcohol in one week. Your friends are having a party and you’re invited. You decide to go, but do you …

A. Avoid drinking any alcohol because you’ve noticed how much better you feel and look when sober?
B. Have just a couple of drinks and then stop, because you enjoy being in control of your life?
C. Drink a little more than you should, but resist the urge to get totally drunk?
D. Drink too much and feel guilty after wards?
E. Drink as much as you can to make up for the days you missed?

10. Your friends and family confront you, and they are trying to get you into a rehab or detox program. Do you …

A. Break down and admit that you need help with this problem?
B. Admit that you need help, but feel scared because you’re not sure you can stop drinking?
C. Admit that you need help, but feel defensive that other people are ganging up on you?
D. Get angry because other people are trying to control your life?
E. Refuse to seek any help because you do not have an alcohol addiction? (article continues below)