Improve Your Life by Quitting

things will improveI’ve written before about the many reasons to quit drinking alcohol. I also went into details on how I stopped drinking alcohol. Now, I think it would be interesting to look at how things will improve AFTER you have quit drinking.

From my own experience, there are 5 distinct improvements you will notice when you remove alcohol from your life. And these improvements are felt every area of your life.

The first change is how you will FEEL. You will note a gradual improvement in your sense of “well-being” within just a couple of days of quitting. You’ll also notice that those general aches and pains, or that sense of just feeling lousy that you’ve had for years will begin to diminish with each passing week. You will feel healthier on the inside, and that sense of well-being will translate itself into your physical appearance, as well as your attitude. Because you feel better, you will look healthier and feel happier.

The second change is how you will THINK. You will begin to have stronger, deeper and clearer thoughts, and that alcohol “fogginess” will lift from your mind. You will be able to not only ponder your life as it is today, but have a clearer and more elaborate idea of where you want to go in the future. You’ll be able to use your mind without alcohol impeding it, and make smarter and wiser decisions each day.

The third change is what you DO. You will begin to spend your time in worthwhile situations, and around people and circumstances that are good for you. You will find yourself seeking out things that you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t because alcohol prevented you from doing so. Your daily life will be more fulfilling as you enjoy doing things, and you no longer allow your activities to be dictated by alcoholism.

The fourth change is what you SAY. You will start sounding like a more optimistic person, and people will see you as being genuinely confident in yourself and your future. You will be more complimentary and helpful to others, and constantly remark on the positives that you see every day. The negativity that surrounds those who drink will be repulsive to you. You will also notice a new commitment to speak in a positive, self-empowering manner.

The fifth change is what you WANT. You will start wanting to be around people and places that bring out the best in everyone. Helping others will be important, so that they don’t make the same mistakes you did. You will want to improve yourself a little bit each day so that you have more to offer your family, friends and loved ones.

Things Will Improve in Every Area of Your Life

These 5 improvements just scrape the surface on all the good things you will experience when you stop drinking. And yet they impact every area of your life, from what you think, say, and do – to what you want and how you feel about your life and your future. Stop drinking alcohol today, and see your life improve in every way! ♦