Easiest Way to Quit Drinking

3) Intercept the Urge to Drink. Rather than JUST trying to resist drinking, develop a plan to intercept the temptation to drink. The best way to do this is with FOOD. Eating a full meal is a great way of reducing the desire to drink alcohol.

Simply put, eating until your stomach is full will change the way you feel, and thus greatly reduce or even overcome any desire to reach for a bottle of booze. Food is clearly your first line of defense when it comes to drinking.

4) Don’t Misread the Signals. Sometimes when we feel a deep-down desire to drink we’re actually misinterpreting what our body is trying to tell us. A desire to drink is often a sign of thirst – for water, not alcohol. Other than air, water is the single most important thing we can put into our bodies. We can survive weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

If you ever feel the temptation of drink alcohol beginning to creep up into your mind, take a walk over to your sink and pour yourself a nice, big glass of water. It’s exactly what your body is telling you it wants AND needs.

So What is THE Easiest Way to Quit Drinking?

Which of the above 4 tips is THE easiest way to quit drinking? The answer is all of them, simultaneously.

Put into practice the following: You should start after the weekend is over; Remove all temptation (and reminders) to drink; Intercept the desire with food; Don’t misinterpret “thirst” that you feel for a desire to drink alcohol.

Use each one of the above 4 tips as soon as you decide to take a break from drinking. You’ll find that the road to sobriety might be just a bit easier than you thought! ♦