Alcohol Made You Sick

alcohol made you sickChances are that alcohol made you sick at some point in your life. You’ve been huddled about the toilet, either feeling sick or actually vomiting, because you’ve drunk too much. You may have even felt so nauseous that you wanted to vomit. Or you made yourself vomit, just so you could get it over with and start feeling better.

Chances are that you told yourself at that time that you were not going to drink like that again. Or that you would FINALLY quit drinking, once and for all. Unfortunately, that resolution didn’t take hold, and you found yourself drinking as much as ever – perhaps even the next day.

What happened? Simply put, when we ARE drinking, everything seems fine. It’s afterward that all the repercussions finally hit home. We never realize how badly alcohol is destroying our lives until huddled over that toilet getting sick. Or when we have to hire a DUI lawyer before appearing in front of a judge on an alcohol-related legal matter.

3 Ways Alcohol Made YOU Sick

First, binge drinking. This includes doing shots or slamming beers for the express purpose of getting drunk. Unless you’re under tremendous peer pressure in college there is NO reason to take part in this type of behavior. It is time to grow up and start acting like a responsible adult who is in control of their life.

If you DO feel peer-pressure to engage in this type of activity, you should find yourself some new friends before your old ones help you destroy yourself. Of course, if you ARE in college then you obviously have a great deal of pressure on you to engage in this type of activity. Please seek help before your life spirals out of control.

The second reason that people get carried away with drinking is that they allow alcohol to become their meal. As has often been stated, nearly all alcoholics and problem drinkers tend to “drink” one of their meals a day. They avoid food, or take just a small portion, because alcohol is more desirable in that moment.

Obviously, your body WANTS and NEEDS food more than alcohol to look and feel its best, but we all too easily lose our sense of judgment after a couple of drinks, and it seems easy to just to keep on drinking … and drinking, and drinking.

The third reason that people abuse alcohol is because they keep a supply at their home or office. By doing this they are making it EASY to drink by having it readily accessible. This could be the biggest mistake of all, because the constant temptation to drink can immediately be given into by the availability of booze. (article continues below)