Is Alcoholism a Disease?

is alcoholism a diseaseIs alcoholism a disease that you have no control over? Many alcoholics who think so are in reality simply tired of giving an excuse for their drinking problem, so they want to make it sound like a confusing medical issue that the common person will not understand.

A bad excuse that many people use to justify their problem with alcohol is that their parents struggled with the same issues and that somehow makes the situation more understandable. This alcoholism disease “runs in the family”, so there’s nothing one can do about it. Unfortunately, to call alcoholism a disease, or to imply that drinking is out of one’s control, is simply a ready-made excuse to keep drinking. Simply put, it is “learned helplessness”.

Alcoholism should not be viewed as a disease because that gives you an easy out and something to hide behind when you do not want to deal with your problem. On the contrary, alcoholism is something that can be fought with a commitment to change one’s habits, and a fair amount of will power.

If you truly want to take the time to get off of the bottle, you will have to show a certain amount of dedication to doing it – and a willingness to change your daily habits. Please read the article: Overcome Alcoholism by Changing Your Strategy.

First and foremost, you must have a personal reason in order
to kick an addiction. For example, an addiction can be defeated by a person who has a purpose and a reason to live.

A person who wants to see their grandchild grow up will do anything they can to make sure that they kick their alcoholism so they can live to see that grandchild be successful. Your reason could be similar to this, or something completely different, but it has to be something that really MEANS something to YOU.

Is Alcoholism a Disease? No.

The bottom line is that alcoholism is a bad habit, not a disease. And just like other bad habits that you might have had in your life, it too can be broken.

Commit yourself to changing your day-to-day habits and you will soon find that the bad habit of drinking too much alcohol gets easier and easier to conquer. ♦